How to Edit Pages in wordpress ?

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In this section, we will learn about how to edit pages in WordPress

Step (1) − First you need to click the page and then go to the all pages section

Step (2) − You can watch Welcome to WpW3schools section (Welcome to WpW3schools was built in the section WordPress – add few pages) When you put the cursor on the pages, then you will find few options that displayed below the Welcome to WpW3schools option.  You will find here two types of edit the post, quick edit, and edit.

Edit − Click the Edit option in “Welcome to WpW3schools” as shown below.

You can modify or edit the content and content title from the page as per your requirement. You just need to update the button, just check the following screen.

Check quick edit option – Check below screen, you will find here a quick edit option.

You just modify the date and the title and slug option and after modify, you can update the button. You can check the following picture.

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