Media Settings

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Want to set the desired width and height of images that you are planning to use on a website? Then, the time has come to implement changes in the Media Settings. To carry on with the operation, the following steps must be followed:

Choosing the Media option from the Settings tab in WordPress


Step (2) − The page for Media Settings will get displayed with lots and lots of options



Options, where necessary changes can be implemented, include the following:

  • Thumbnail size – The option will let you set the size of thumbnail as required
  • Medium size – It will help in setting the width and height of images belonging to medium size
  • Large size – This option will help in setting the desired width and height of images belonging to large size
  • Uploading files – Putting a tick in the checkbox beside this option, the image that you have uploaded will get automatically arranged in a folder.


Step (3) − Once done with the setting of the dimension in pixels, the Save Changes button must be clicked. It will help in saving all desired settings.


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