WordPress dashboard categorized information

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Once you log in the WordPress, you will first see WordPress dashboard, this is the main administration area of the website. Using this dashboard, you will be able to check what’s happening in your blog and all the gadgets that WordPress will offer you. Using this section, you can create a new post, draft article, replying to the latest comment section, etc.

Check the following picture, it will be categorized like this once you open. Now, we will discuss about the all sections.


Menu in the Dashboard

Once you open WordPress dashboard, you will find the menu section, it includes some selections such as media library, posts, comments, pages, plugins, appearance options, settings, tools on the left corner.

Find Screen options

There are diverse types of widgets you will find here that can be hidden or shown on screens. You can show or hide using the checkbox option and also it allows you to customized sections on the admin screen.


In this section, you will be able to customize your WordPress theme. If you check the center option, you will find some important links such as making a page, blog post, and face option or front of the business website. You will also find in the last column menus, widgets, comments related to settings, and a link which helps to found WordPress codex and WordPress page.

Make quick Draft

Using WordPress dashboard, you will be able to write anything, save and whenever you need, just publish that post. You can save a mini-draft anytime. You just need a title for the draft, certain notes in the body section and you may save the note as a draft.

WordPress news

If you click on the WordPress news-widget, it only shows you some latest updates related to the newest software form, news about the software, alerts, etc. related to their WordPress blog site.


If you will use the activity section to your blog, you will be able to comment on your wordpress blog post, recent posts that you have already published. Using this widget, you will be the ability to reply, approve disapprove, and manage or delete the comments. You can easily move any type of comment to the spam section.

At a Look

This segment indicates your blog posts, the number of published pages and posts, and the number of comments. Whenever you click on the link, you will go to the main screen. You can check the present running theme and wordpress site throughout.

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