Permalink Settings

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To carry on with the permalink settings, it is essential to know what permalink is all about. It is a link for a specific category or blog. It will permit you to carry on with default settings that permit adding of some specific plugins.

For setting permalink, the following points must be followed:

Clicking on the “Setting” option followed by choosing the “Permalinks” option



Step (2) −The following page will appear on the screen from where you can make few settings.



Few settings that are possible include the following:

  • Common settings – Checking the radio button respective to the option will help in carrying out the operation. Some most common options include:
  • Default – It will help in setting the default structure in WordPress
  • Day and name – It will set the URL structure as per the date and name mentioned in the posts
  • Month and name – It will help in setting the URL structure as per the name and month
  • Numeric – It will enable the setting of the number
  • Post name – It will set the name of the post in the URL structure
  • Custom Structure – It will enable the easy setting of the URL structure as per the desired choice. All you need is to write the name as desired provided in the text box.
  • Optional – As it is clear from the name that it will provide you with items that are optional, i.e., if you want, you may include else leave them. The empty text box reflects default settings. Two main options available are:
  • Category base – It will enable adding of a custom prefix to category URL
  • Tag base – It will let you add a custom prefix to tag URL

Step (3) −Once the changes are made, click must be placed on the “Save Changes” button. It will help in preserving the changes in permalink settings.

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