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In this section, we will learn how to add pages in WordPress. The way you will add posts similar to the wayyou can add pages. You can’t change the page once you uploaded it because these are pure static pages. If you want to add pages, then following are the simple steps

Step (1) − First you should go to the pages, then add new pages.


Step (2) − Check the below screen, you will find the editor page. Here, you will find the text tab and visual tab as well. You can put any type of text you want to insert. You can get complete instructions on how to insert text into the visual format.

Check to add a new page option.


This is an important section, here you need to add the title of the page which you will check later. You will find here a URL related to your page name, this is called permalink.

In the WordPress site, you will find the following WYSIWYG editor

  • Italic – You can italicize the text.
  • Bold Button – You can bold you any word or text.
  • Bullet list -You can use bullet points in your content
  • Word Strike – You can strike through the content
  • Number list – you may put numbers to define something.
  • Blockquote – This is quotes the text as well.
  • Horizontal line – You can create horizontal lines between sentences.
  • Right Align – You just need to set the content on the right side of the page.
  • Left aligns – You just need to set the content on the left side of the post.
  • Add links – You can insert any type of link within your post. Whenever you click on the link,  it displayed.

Justify – You can easily justify the article on your blog site.

URL – enter the URL you wish to add

Link text – Insert the text within the link

Link to an existing account – You will be able to link your page with the existing content page. Whenever you will click on the existing page, you will get a link in the URL section. Check the below page

Open a new tab with a link – You can able to open your linked page in a new tab.


Text Insertion

You can put the text into the box.

Publish the article

You can publish the page by clicking the button.

Complete Page attribute

You will find a page attribute module that permits you to choose the parent for your blog site. You can set the order by yourself.

What is a parent?

This controls the parent page.

What is the order?

This is a tool that sets the complete order of the website page.

What is a Featured image?

This is the section where you will be able to add images.

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