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Reading Settings in WordPress is utilized for setting the content as per requirement on the front page. It will be easy to set a wide number of posts that you want to get displayed on the main page.

To access the Reading Settings, the following steps must be followed:

Selecting the Reading option from the Settings tab in WordPress


Step(2) − The page along with a plethora of options will be displayed as under:



Details displayed on the page of Reading Settings include the following:

  • Frontpage displays – It is utilized for displaying the front page in the desired format. Some of the most common formats include the following:
  • Your latest posts – It will display the latest posts on the front page
  • A static page – It will help in displaying static pages
  • FrontPage – It will help in selecting the desired page that you want to display
  • Posts page – It will help in selecting the page that contains your post
  • Blog pages show at most – It will help in setting the total number of posts that you want to get displayed per page. By default, the value is set to ten.
  • Syndication feeds for showing the recent – By selecting this option, users will be able to view the total number of posts after successfully downloading one of the sites feeds. Be default, the value is set to ten.
  • For each article in the feed, show – The section will permit displaying of the post by selecting by either of the following formats:
  • Full Text – It is the default mode. It helps in displaying the post completely.
  • Summary – This option will help in displaying the summary of the entire post.
  • Search Engine Visibility – Once you are done with clicking the checkbox, your website will be ignored by Google and other search engines.


Step(3) −After successful filling of all information, you must click on the “Save Changes” option to save the setting.


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