How we can edit Category in WordPress ?

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In this portion, we will know about the edit section in WordPress. If you want to edit your post, you have to follow the following details…

Step (1) − You have to click on the post option and then click on the categories option.



Step (2) − Once you open, you will find below the category 1 option, some other options also available like edit, quick edit, delete, and view. If you want to edit your post, then choose the edit option.

You can check categories in the below attachment

If you wish, you can edit any section as per the below screen and click on the updated button to save that edit.



From the section WordPress – category, all fields are the same.

If you want to make a quick edit, you can do it. It’s very simple and easy as well.



You can edit the slug and name as seen in the below screen and after that, you need to click on the update category option.






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