WordPress – Media Library

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On this page, we will learn about the Media library, which is part of WordPress. During create a post, you can use the media library to upload, edit and share pictures, audio, and video as well. In this post, you can delete, edit, or view any type of media-related products easily.

If you want to know how to use this media library, just check the following steps:

Step (1) − Click on the media option and then choose the library in WordPress.



Step (2) − Here, you will find different files like audios, images, and videos. To upload you may choose to add media option.



Step (3) − You will find upload new media section here. In the next chapter, you will learn how to add media in the next section.



Step (4) − You can check the following screenshot to understand everything.

You can find here several tabs and each includes the following functions.

List View – in the list form, you will find videos and images


Grid View − Check the below screen, you can find here grid format all images


Filter all videos and images – you will be able to filter all videos and images.

Search box – you can search for any particular image by writing the name into the box.



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