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Today we ave shared WooCommerce Ajax Product Filters Plugin free of charge download. WooCommerce Ajax Plugin allows you to channel items dependent on various qualities, value range, distribute date, fame, normal rating, stock status, and so forth, across the board ajax call. for example clients can pick different channels without a moment’s delay and hit the “Apply” button to get wanted outcome.

No different inquiries are sent for each trait or channel boundary. Alternatively, you can decide to show ajax results per click on the off chance that you don’t care for the “Apply” button highlight.

How it works

The module accompanies five worked in gadgets (Attributes, value range, arranging request, stock status and reset all). Utilizing these gadgets you can put as many examples of traits depending on the situation. For instance, consider three gadget cases for shading, size and brand property. Your guest can pick tone, brand, size and afterward hit the button to show items which match these three standards. The advantage is that guest won’t need to run the inquiry multiple times for each of these traits. In the event that no outcomes are discovered, clients can uncheck a portion of those credits and run the inquiry once more.

WooCommerce Ajax Product Filters Plugin Key features

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9+ and WooCommerce 3.3+
  • Works with most standard and premium WordPress themes
  • 5 built in widgets (Attribute filters, Price range, Sorting options, Stock Status, Reset all)
  • AJAX product query based on selected filter attributes
  • AJAX load more button for product archives and shop page
  • Custom Price range feature for creating unlimited price range sets
  • Reset or Apply all filters at once
  • Filter products based on Stock Status (In stock, Out of stock, All products) – New
  • Filter products per click instead of multiple selection
  • Sliding sidebar toggle for mobile
  • Per widget show or hide action buttons
  • Attributes query can be set as AND or OR from widget options
  • Material design style preloader spinner
  • Built in option for custom preloader image
  • Localization ready with sample .pot, .po and .mo files
  • Filter arguments based on native WooCommerce URLs. (Benefit: Users can bookmark filter results and check back later).
  • Works on all modern browsers and IE9+ that support history API
  • Step by step documentation guide for plugin setup and configuration
  • Dedicated professional support
  • Optional Session Storage feature (This feature is optional and shall not be considered as one of the advertised features. Session storage is still not supported by some browsers so it may be removed if doesn’t work well).

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