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WordPress vs Squarespace :

Which one should you choose to create your website that’s the question? when I answer for you today with a full comparison or a full review about all the different features and all the different pros and cons or you know benefits and non-benefits of using each platform so that you can choose which one is best for you.

if you find any of this content you know in this post helpful or useful go ahead and comment, share. So it can help you, let’s go ahead and get right into it. So the first thing is what are Squarespace and WordPress.

Squarespace :

Squarespace is that which wants everything to be basically completely, easy user-friendly, design-friendly, and everything is just built into the actual platform itself. you don’t need to use any third-party integrations or software it’s just one platform that handles it all for you.

WordPress :

WordPress is basically the complete opposite where you add a bunch of plugins and a bunch of integrations. But it is completely customizable down to the utmost detail and you can control everything now there’s a difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

About wordpress.com :

wordpress.com is a little bit more like Squarespace where you have everything taken care of for you by WordPress and then you can add your additional plugins and integrations.

About wordpress.org :

wordpress.org is the self-hosting platform or instead of WordPress hosting your website on their servers you actually have to use like Hostgator or Bluehost or some type of third-party service to host all your content on their servers that you rent out every single month like a monthly fee.

wordpress.org is what most people use when thinking about WordPress because they want to completely customize everything and have control of every detail now that’s what the integration or the content management system dashboard looks like on the backend. But kind of goes to show here WordPress is the most popular platform technically because 33% of the web uses WordPress.

WordPress Customization :

what websites can look like in WordPress it’s completely customizable. but this adds a lot of complexity and chaos to the equation where you have to make sure that you know thoroughly with every single detail with WordPress. because if you miss one thing your website can be easily hacked. if you don’t have the right security on your website and everything like that so yeah let’s just kind of talk about that where WordPress is aimed at people. What are you know just completely trying to customize everything.

Squarespace Customization :

Squarespace is a little bit more like you just want everything in one platform it’s a little bit like Android versus iPhone and also like Windows versus Mac and iPhone or Apple products have everything proprietary. you can’t really add a lot of stuff. you can’t custom build you know to add a bunch of different motherboards and stuff like that to your computer or your phone it’s just everything is done for you on one platform. Android and Windows are a little bit more customizable or more open-source and there are more editability and customized ability. So that’s the kind of difference there now ease of use.

let’s talk about this when it comes to actually create the website.

When you actually have everything or finally hosted and the website is like up technically unlike. you know your servers and stuff like that wordpress.org and wordpress.com work pretty similarly. it’s just the only difference again with WordPress.com they host everything for you but the content management system as far as ease-of-use.

Squarespace is Better :

I find Squarespace to be a lot better just because it’s more drag-and-drop now. You can get WP bakery which is like this kind of plugin that you add to your WordPress site that makes it more drag-and-drop. But you can actually drag and drop things.but again the more you add to your WordPress website more potential for you know problems and glitches and things like that you do not have WP bakery. so you can use that but the dashboard and WordPress are a little bit more complex or difficult to use rather than Squarespace.

How to Use Squarespace :

Squarespace makes it really easy basically it’s drag and drop and has a little menu that talks about pages design settings analytics. that’s pretty much it and then each within those you know menus and stuff you just click your different options and it’s super self-explanatory. there’s nothing really you have to learn and the templates are done for you with WordPress. you know they have some templates that you can start with but you have to buy an actual template usually. if you want to look good then you can get those from ThemeForest or Envato market or anything like that just installs them the website but with ease-of-use.

I would say Squarespace wins just because everything is proprietary and builds in WordPress. it can be easy to use if you do it correctly with getting a high-quality theme and obviously using like WP bakery or something that makes it more drag-and-drop liked Squarespace.

Which One is better in Designs:

So let’s move on the next thing design this one is kind of actually a 50/50 got Squarespace because it looks really good and has amazing templates and you can use custom code to design them. but I don’t believe Squarespace lets you upload designs or upload templates or anything that as far as I know. Now in WordPress, you have to upload a good theme and design with WordPress. you can make websites look really good because they are completely customizable.

Difficulty to Use WordPress :

Now I will say to get a website to look good on WordPress it’s a lot more difficult than it is on Squarespace. So I actually had a client of mine where their website was completely built with WordPress entirely and everything looked really good and it took like a long time to get everything to work properly and they even still had some glitches and bugs. When I looked at there is actually a very similar template to what they had on WordPress in Squarespace and I just for fun I went on a Squarespace.

Then I tried to recreate their website and then how fast I could do it and it was a way faster than it took like with a matter of days or maybe like a week it took me to build the Squarespace website entirety and then with the WordPress website it took them months to build it.

 Which One is Good:

So when it comes to design WordPress is more customizable and you can make it look pretty but Squarespace comes out-of-the-box looking really good. WordPress just has to work a little bit more with features. I would have to say that this kind of goes in with apps and plugins. I would say the features up for like the base foundation you know like the website on Squarespace and WordPress are pretty equal.

Plugins Features :

You have SEO features you can add things to the headers you can upload custom designs. You can move things around a lot of the features that are very similar but when it comes to apps and plugins and adding third-party software or integration. It’s a lot better with WordPress just because they have a whole market of plugins that people make these custom plugins either for free or you can pay for them. where they can integrate a bunch of different stuff into your website.

So again it’s a lot more customizable but there still a lot of plugins technically that you can add to Squarespace by using custom code on your websites.

SEO Features :

I have some custom code that’s built-in or just copy and paste into the header of the website and now the plug-in is on the website. So there’s that but I will say that WordPress takes you to know the apps and plugin side with features. I’d probably say it’s 50/50 they both have SEO features both have design features drag and drop capabilities.I mean like we’ve you know in WordPress if you add WP bakery it’s you know both drag and drop features and you can make the websites look really good but with absent plugins word breasts definitely takes it there because they have a whole market just for that now with SEO.

SEO Installation :

I think it’s actually very similar that it has SEO tools on WordPress and then on Squarespace, there’s actually a whole menu just for SEO itself. But with WordPress, you need to install a plugin called Yoast SEO. It is the best SEO plugin that I’ve seen.

WordPress Securities :

WordPress.com comes with security and comes with you know like https security and everything like that to make sure that you’re not going to get hacked. WordPress.org has to get to you like third-party services and stuff. But you know you get unlimited storage space you get being able to upload themes and plugins and everything like that Squarespace. you get a bunch of different templates they have you can’t upload your own themes but you can add a couple of plugins. if they can just copy and paste the custom code into the header. But it does have SEO tools for both it lets you change the metadata the title tags the headers and pretty much everything.

wordpress.com at least the site speed and you think that is just handled for you so you don’t really have to worry about that on wordpress.org you don’t have to make sure your site speed is extremely quick by getting a fast host and everything fast you don’t have to worry about that with wordpress.com or Squarespace.

Can We Easily Get Templates ?

If we see the templates on Squarespace because there’s a built-in. With WordPress, you can get like any template you want from any of these markets. where people create custom templates using code but if you just look at the templates with Squarespace they look really good. Now with Squarespace, there is a system they have where it’s a family of templates. So you’ll notice that a lot of these templates you know some of them look very similar to other ones and that’s the only purpose because they have families of templates.

Problem Occured in Squarespace Templates :

Where each family maybe has five to ten templates in it that look similar. But it operates a little bit differently when you go from one family of templates to a different family of templates. The site is gonna operate differently it means not work Properly on the Squarespace platform. So it’s easy to learn and figure out.

Which Are Much Responsive :

I would say Squarespace looks better on mobile from the beginning but if you do get a really good theme that’s mobile optimizing. WordPress it can look really good as well the mobile editor. I would say Squarespace’s and mobile editors a lot better because you just log in and change stuff ongoing maintenance with Squarespace that’s all handled for you. you don’t have to do the same thing with wordpress.com.

Conclusion :

So you know the features and designs everything like that very similar I still think Squarespace wins in the way of design because of the usability aspect it’s easy and quick to make a website that looks good and operates well on WordPress. You just have to put a little bit more work in but SEO is very similar. I’ve ranked websites using wordpress. I’ve ranked websites increasing their search results for SEO on Squarespace and it seems to be about the same. it doesn’t really seem like there’s a difference. some people say WordPress SEO or SEO using WordPress is a lot easier or better or something like that I haven’t really seen that when I’ve done my testing but that’s just me for e-commerce Squarespace has their own built-in the e-commerce platform. where people can buy stuff directly from your site. it’s really good there’s nothing really wrong with it. it operates a lot like Shopify and then the same thing on WordPress. Actually they have something called WooCommerce. where you can integrate into your website but I will say you have to do a little bit of customization and complex kind of tech stuff.

But I think for 75% of people watching this post I think Squarespace is more than enough that what you need. Only about 25% of people for some reason need some type of custom website and this goes for dentists, lawyers anybody watching this post any type of entrepreneur person.

What My Opinion :

Squarespace is more than enough it’s been amazing when I’ve used my websites on Squarespace and I transferred all my websites from WordPress to Squarespace WordPress is only needed if you need to custom-build something from the ground to up. Even in Squarespace, you can add some custom code as well. So that’s my opinion on that I just think that Squarespace is a lot easier to use. but if you want more customized ability go with WordPress. So I hope that answered a lot of your questions I went over a lot of different stuff.

In this, if you have any questions put them in the comments section below and I will address them.

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