Content Management System Definition

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Content Management System :

we’re going to talk about CMS what is it? and why you should consider using it instead of building everything from scratch well these days everyone talks about different CMS platforms. and basically, CMS is a content management system. what does that mean let’s say that you want to start a blog or just the website that you want to use to showcase your products your services one way to go about it is of course building everything from scratch using HTML CSS and JavaScript. Building the database you have to log in and update the information on your website.

Need of Admin Panel :

It’s obvious why we need an admin panel because random users and visitors wouldn’t be able to miss the data on the website and they change it. So that is one reason that you need an admin platform, so because of this only authorized people can go ahead and edit it. and another reason would be that you can set up a website if you are a software engineer or web developer. But that website wouldn’t be really easy to use for the general public. So if you’re building for someone who is not familiar with technology as you are better using a proven.

Content Management System Features:

CMS  or a content management system provides all the tools to manage users and also manage content to apply beautiful layouts, beautiful ready layouts to your website or web applications to some point there are CMS platforms out there designed for web applications and there are content management systems available for a general website or web blog user some of the famous comes out there which you might have already heard of could be WordPress is one of them.

If you want to know about WordPress then click here.

About WordPress Plugins :

So this is a very powerful content management system in terms of structure it’s a little bit difficult it’s not following the modern architectures of the web but it’s been kept updated and there are plenty of plugins that’s something very important about WordPress and that is you can find plugins for basically anything you can if you want to add social features to your blog or your website you can find plugins to do that for you if you want to capture leads there are plugins to do that as well and of course there are plugins to build membership areas for your users.

About WordPress themes :

Another powerful side of WordPress is that it has so many themes out there if you want to change the look of your website or web blog you just go ahead and do a google search you would find plenty maybe even tens of thousands of different themes out there and definitely it free and paid but as long as the option is there you would be able to use them so another advantage of WordPress is the theme side of it and the ability to change the look event with the least amount of effort and energy and of course open source.

WordPress is an Open Source :

WordPress is an open-source platform meaning you can do your own modifications or you can hire someone to do the modifications for you and make it work the way you want it to work another example of a content management system would be Tumblr.

About Tumblr :

Basically, Tumblr is a content management system combined with social media and building your weblog on a platform that has deep integrated social capabilities. Tumblr can have its own themes as well but in terms of plugins it’s not as advanced as WordPress and of course, it’s not open source it means that you can change the functionality of it.

About Tumblr Traffics :

One good thing about it is that it gets lots of traffic so it has the people’s attention though and whatever you put out there you get a higher chance of getting exposure rather than if you self host your own WordPress-based website. Then you need to start generating traffic for it but if you do a good job at building a Tumblr blog then basically you get traffic and you get the social side of things it kind of integrated with your own weblog and consider that Tumblr is used mostly for blogs rather than websites.

Why we Choose WordPress :

If you are building a website you might as well go with WordPress because of the freedom and flexibility.  WordPress brings with itself and, there is a new type of content management system which is not using a database so when you install WordPress on your own server so-called self hosted you need to set up a database and it stores all the information of all the blog posts user information into a database. there is a new kind of content management system. If you can’t understand then just google it and you don’t need any database to work with this.

How CMS is very easy?

CMS  makes it very portable you can just copy it from a directory on your website and paste it on a different directory on a different domain so that’s a new kind of content management system coming into play. Basically taking away the need of a database it uses text files instead of having a database in place so that’s a very quick explanation on what a content management system is it’s very efficient and of course if you’re starting out you better use a proven content management system preferably WordPress because it has a majority of the plugins and themes as I mentioned.

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