How to Remove copyright generatepress free version

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Remove copyright Generatepress free version; You can easily remove Powered By and Copyright from the GeneratePress free version just followed by simple steps.

Assuming you are utilizing GeneratePress free form, there is no immediate choice to eliminate controlled by GeneratePress copyright footer text from the customizer.

However you are free form clients, so this is somewhat specialized yet simple. All you have duplicated is the underneath PHP code and glue into your subject’s functions.php (if you have introduced the youngster topic, save in that functions.php) document at the extremely base.

Here are the steps to remove the Powered By and Copyright text in GeneratePress free version:

  1. Install Child theme for GeneratePress Parent theme
  2. Go to functions.php
  3. Just Paste Give Code.
  4. Just Save functions.php file.
  5. Now Your Copyright Text has been changed..

Now let’s take a detailed look at each of these steps.

Download Child theme is given below link

Download “GeneratePress Child Theme” – Downloaded 34 times – 33 KB

  • After Download Child theme just Upload it to your Dashboard of the website in the theme section
  • Just Activate child theme

Step 2:- Go to child theme functions.php

Copy this code and paste it to your functions.php file below

Step 3:- Just Paste Give Code

add_filter( 'generate_copyright','tu_custom_copyright' );
function tu_custom_copyright() {

Step 4:- Now Just Save your functions.php save

You are getting a problem removing ” Built with GeneratePress ” this text please comment below. Thanks.

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