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GeneratePress 2.1.1 Free Download has been released. This version includes a couple of small tweaks and fixes, including better icon alignment of our new theme icons.

Full changelog

  • Tweak: Improve baseline of theme icons
  • Tweak: Prevent JS error if back to top button HTML doesn’t exist
  • Fix: Mobile menu item alignment on RTL sites
  • Fix: Clearing issue in full width footer bar areas

Font Awesome

Font Awesome will no longer be updated in GeneratePress as of 2.1. If you have Font Awesome enabled on your site, it will continue to work as normal. If it’s deactivated, the “Load essential icons” option in the Customizer will no longer be visible.

Instead of using Font Awesome within the theme, we suggest using a plugin like 

If you’d like to learn how to add Font Awesome 5 yourself, please see 

New Icons

Instead of using Font Awesome for our theme icons, we had brand new custom icons created specifically for GeneratePress. These icons are more modern than the previous Font Awesome 4 icons.

Huge thanks to Peter and Paul for designing these for us!

Fewer HTTP Requests

We were able to optimize and move things around, which resulted in 2 fewer HTTP requests. This means when you first install GeneratePress, there’s only 5 HTTP requests (3 CSS, 2 JS).

Cleaner CSS GeneratePress 2.1.1 Free Download

We cleaned up style.css a bit and removed any Secondary Navigation specific CSS, which was added to GP Premium 1.6. If you’re using the Secondary Navigation and don’t have GPP 1.6, open a support topic and we’ll provide the necessary CSS for you.

We also removed a couple of wildcard selectors, which were a little greedy and caused some weirdness with some plugins. More specific selectors are now used, which will reduce conflicts.

Easier Updated Date GeneratePress 2.1.1 Free Download

The updated date HTML has been moved in front of the published date HTML, which should help Google pick up on it easier. It also makes it easier to display the updated date instead of the published date.

.posted-on .updated {
    display: inline-block;

.posted-on .updated:before {
    content: "Last Updated ";

.posted-on .updated + .entry-date {
    display: none;

Simplified Mobile Menu CSS

The mobile menu CSS has been simplified, which will make it much easier to initiate the mobile menu at a different width than the default.

Full Changelog

  • New: Structured data to comments
  • New: aria-label to sidebar navigation mobile menu
  • New: Update all theme icons
  • New: generate_metabox_tabs filter
  • New: generate_after_footer hook
  • New: generate_before_comments_container hook
  • Tweak: Simplify mobile menu CSS
  • Tweak: Load updated date before published date
  • Tweak: Force array in Layout metabox to prevent PHP notices
  • Tweak: Use https for references
  • Tweak: Replace wildcard CSS selectors with specific selectors
  • Tweak: Remove list item bullets in sidebar and footer widgets only
  • Tweak: Make button/input line height consistent with link buttons
  • Tweak: Add version to database for future migrations
  • Tweak: Move back to top button to generate_after_footer
  • Tweak: Remove focus class from menu items on click if leaving site
  • Tweak: Keep tab focus inside navigation search when open
  • Tweak: Remove roles from sidebars
  • Fix: Sidebar sub-menu positioning after click
  • Fix: Rare Customizer JS error related to typography
  • Fix: Various small W3 errors
  • Fix: Navigation aria-hidden issue
  • Remove: Font Awesome Essentials HTTP request
  • Remove: dropdown.js HTTP request
  • Remove: IE6 CSS
  • Remove: Secondary navigation CSS added to GPP 1.6
  • Remove: Secondary navigation JS

Questions and Answers about GeneratePress premium theme

Q1. How do I use the GeneratePress premium theme?

A1. It’s simple, Just download the given file and follow the instruction given in installing guide video.

Q2. What is the GeneratePress premium theme?

A2. GeneratePress is a WordPress theme as well known highly optimized and very well coded WordPress theme.

Q3. Is GeneratePress free?

A3. Technically answer is Yes, you will find a free version of GeneratePress 2.1.1 Free Download theme in your WordPress theme section but in the free version, you won’t experience that premium features.

Q4. What theme works best with Elementor?

A4. Generatepress theme with elementor plugin you can create an eye-catching well-optimized website with good page speed

Q5. Is it the best theme to be used with landing page builders?

A5. one answer yes definitely

Q6. How many sites you can use GeneratePress 2.1.1 Free Download premium gpl on?

A6. unlimited!

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Updated on30-10-2021
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GeneratePress 2.1.1 Free Download

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