The truth about Weebly vs WordPress in next 5 minutes.

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Weebly vs WordPress :

Hello guys you’re looking to build a website for your small business and trying to decide which web design platform to use to do that and it looks like you’ve narrowed it down to Weebly vs WordPress. So I’m gonna explain the major differences between we building WordPress as simply and concisely as I can and hopefully help you out in your decision making the process so let’s get started.

If you want to know about what is WordPress and what is? then simply click here.

So I used both Weebly in WordPress in my web design business. I’ll be honest I actually use Weebly about 90% of the time mainly because I believe Weebly meets the needs of the vast majority of small businesses out there. But that said I do love WordPress as well and I use it to build my blog obviously.

So I’m gonna explain the differences between the two in six different categories that below are :

  1. Ease of use
  2. Pricing
  3. Blogging
  4. SEO
  5.  E-Commerce
  6.  Customer service

So let’s take a look at Weebly versus WordPress in those six different categories so first up is the ease of use.

1.  Ease of Use :

For Weebly :

To be honest, it’s not even close Weebly takes the cake on this one and really it’s the biggest selling point and it is easy to use their interface and build a really beautiful website. Even if you don’t have any web design skills so their interface basically incorporates a drag-and-drop style interface and it shows a live preview of what your website will look like as you make the edits to it.

For WordPress :

On the other hand, is very different it doesn’t have that drag-and-drop functionality, the live preview feature that Weebly has. I have seen a plug-in you can download that has something similar but it’s not nearly as intuitive as Weebly is.

So with WordPress things are all taking place in the backend on the left-hand side, you’ll see different menus with like pages, posts, media that’s where all the stuff you upload like pictures and videos are hosted in the library there and the hard thing with WordPress is nailing down the ease of use that it’s so customizable that it can either be really easy or be really difficult and that depends on the theme you use. What kind of plugins you have installed.

Customizable Features in WordPress :

So you can make it simpler but you can also make it more advanced and that’s a big reason why WordPress is so popular. It’s so customizable and you can kind of customize it to suit your own needs. If you want to make the changes so it’s not super difficult by any means but it is a little bit more advanced than Weebly and if you have little to no web design skills then we believe is definitely a better option for you.

2. Pricing :

The pricing can be a bit tricky to figure out between Weebly and WordPress mainly because Weebly is an actual company with customers and WordPress is an open-source platform that companies use in their products. So let’s look first of what we pricing looks like and it varies quite widely based essentially on features.

For Weebly :

So they have a few different packages to choose from. You can get a free Weebly website I wouldn’t recommend it because then you’d simply just get a subdomain of Weebly. You don’t get your own custom domain. So basically instead of rapid web launch,  no one’s gonna take you seriously. If you have a dot domain and also you’ll get a giant banner ad across the longer side. So it’ll look really unprofessional. So the cheapest option is $8 a month. But you got a check that’s when paid annually if you’re paying monthly I believe is $12 a month and then, of course, you have the pro and business packages and these basically differ based on features. If you need things like HD video and audio-video backgrounds, password protection.

You’re gonna want to go with the pro version I use the pro version minimum on all my customer’s websites because let’s be honest you should have HD video and audio and video backgrounds and all those bells and whistles that websites have these days.

For WordPress :

It’s quite a bit different because they are not a company with customers.WordPress is open-source software that companies use in their products. So you will have to find your own company that offers WordPress hosting services and there’s literally thousands to choose from I personally use Bluehost there most popular on the internet. You’ve probably heard of them before or seen commercials of them before some people love to hate on them. I guess because they’re one of the biggest most popular I get our people had poor experiences I mean when you’re that big it’s gonna happen but I’ve been with them for a few years I host multiple sites with Bluehost and I’ve had zero problems with them. I’ve had a great experience and they have some of the most affordable hostings in the industry start at just two ninety-five a month.

So to keep in mind when you’re comparing the cost between Weebly and WordPress is that is ongoing maintenance because with Weebly whenever you need to make changes to your site little text photo video whatever changes you can do that yourself for free pretty easily as you saw with WordPress unless you know what you’re doing there’s a good chance. You’re gonna have to hire a web designer every now and then to make some simple changes for you so something to keep in mind with long-term costs.

3. Blogging :

When it comes to blogging WordPress wins. It’s really not even close Weebly their biggest weakness in my opinion is their blogging features. They do make it really easy to have a blog on your website again they make everything really easy and making new posts is the same concept with the whole drag and drop content into the page. So it’s super easy and it’s great if you’re looking to just write some articles, create content, basic photos and videos. You know add more content to your site and boost your Google rankings to improve your SEO. It’s great for that but when it comes to more advanced options, more customization for your SEO even basic things like social media sharing icons. They still only have Facebook and Twitter as options to share your blog posts and in this day and age well.

So it is something that we believe has kind of neglected for far too long. I’m hoping they have some new options soon but if you’re looking to do start a blog or take blogging really seriously. We believe is not the best place to do it and that is WordPress wins by far.

WordPress is best for Blogging :

I run my own blog on WordPress as does probably 80 to 90% of blog owners on the Internet and that’s because it offers the full customization you need to really make it your own to inject it with your own personality your own Flair your own style and if you want people to follow your blogs and read your content. It has all of those things you need that full customization. So you can do whatever you want to write your content, create your content something that Weebly just doesn’t have we lose a little too cookie-cutter for when it comes to blogging. If you want to monetize your blog or create income in any way as I do from your blog you definitely need to be you in WordPress.

All right I’m gonna try to make this one as quickly as possible you absolutely can rank we have got the websites in Google don’t believe what anyone tells you when they say you can’t  I’ve done it multiple times I do it with my own main website.

4. SEO :

I get a lot of hate from web designers and other people in the industry for saying that Weebly is good for SEO and frankly you can rank any website on any platform. The biggest complaint I guess designers make about Weebly is that some of the coding and the background is not very good sometimes. It can make it a bit hard for Google’s BOTS to crawl your website or can slow down the side a bit that’s true but it’s such it’s a much smaller issue than people make it out to then blow it way out of proportion. Both Weebly and WordPress you can rank your website well in Google and use them both for SEO strategies. I do use both and the thing is with WordPress it’s obviously a platform that’s built for SEO but because it’s so customizable you can end up ruining your website.

5. E-Commerce :

So the e-commerce option overall from Weebly I would say is very good as everything else with WordPress when it comes to e-commerce you have way more options and way more functionality. But that also comes with some complications and some more advanced skills required with Weebly. It’s all integrated within its platform with WordPress. You’re gonna have to choose an e-commerce plug-in to integrate into your site.

If you’re looking to sell whether it’s digital or physical products but you’re looking to build a very large site WordPress would definitely be a better option but you also are gonna have to kind of know what you’re doing. So if you want super simple and straight forward and affordable. Then go with Weebly if you’re looking to build something big WordPress is your better option.

6. customer support :

This is also an easy one because as I mentioned before Weebly is a business and WordPress is a platform.

For Weebly :

So if you have an issue with Weebly while building your website they have customer support. They have an entire website built towards tutorials and tips and forums and other people’s community members. You can talk for help and of course, if you still need help you can email them or give them a call and there’s so on a human person pick up the phone.

For WordPress :

If you have an issue with your WordPress site you don’t get that the only support you’re gonna get through the company that’s hosting your website and really they’re generally only gonna help you out. If the issue is related to hosting because you don’t pay them for support outside of that. So if you get stuck with something on WordPress you are basically going to be googling how to fix it or looking at internet forums or you want to pay a web designer to fix it for you.

So when it comes to customer service Weebly definitely wins in this category.

Conclusion :

So to summarize both Weebly and WordPress have their pros and cons I love them both for different purposes. So let’s try to simplify this as much as possible you should get Weebly if you have little to no web design skills you have a tight budget and affordable options are our priority. You want access to free customer service and you want a no-hassle, simple beautiful website for your small business. So you should get WordPress if you have moderate to advanced web design skills or are eager to learn you have a moderate or large budget and affordable options aren’t a priority. You can plan on taking blogging seriously and building a large blog. You will be using your website for affiliate marketing or other monetization strategy and you don’t mind dealing with all the little hassles that can come with self-hosted websites and that’s it.

So if you have any questions or did I miss something make sure to tell me in the comments below.

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