Hummingbird Pro Free Download v3.1.4 Premium WordPress Plugin Latest Version

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About Hummingbird Pro Free Download – WordPress Performance Plugin

Hummingbird Pro Free Download GPL is the queen of WordPress optimization, and she’s here to scan your site for new ways to make it load faster. With this plugin, you can automate optimization. Hummingbird Pro Plugin Nulled is a powerful toolkit that includes file compression, asset optimization, a full caching suite, Cloudflare integration, and performance monitoring.

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Important Features of  Hummingbird Pro v3.1.3 Premium WordPress Plugin Latest Version

These are the features of Hummingbird Pro vs Hummingbird Free:

  • Performance Report
  • Hummingbird scans your site and makes recommendations for improving performance.Asset Optimization
  • Minify, combine, optimise and position files to improve page speed.
  • Gzip Compression
  • Compress HTML, JavaScript, and Style Sheets to reduces site load time.
  • Complete Cache Suite
  • Speed up page load times with full-page, browser, RSS and Gravatar cache.
  • Cloudflare Cache-Control
  • Hummingbird includes quick controls for managing Cloudflare Browser Cache.
  • Hosted File Optimization
  • Use WPMU DEV’s secure and hyper fast CDN for faster performance.
  • Image Optimization
  • Smush Pro integration lets you resize, compress and optimize all your images.
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Monitor your website’s response time and know when you experience downtime.
  • Hub Security Manager
  • Monitor security issues, updates and backups for all your sites from the Hub.

Scan and One-Click Fix

Hummingbird Pro Free Download is a WordPress plugin that improves the speed of your site. It will scan your site, identify files that are slowing it down, and offer suggestions and changes for making it operate faster. Hummingbird even features one-click performance enhancements like a comprehensive cache suite, one-click minify for styles and scripts, and delaying CSS and JS.

World-Class Caching

Hummingbird’s entire suite of cache capabilities will help your site load even faster, giving your users a better browsing experience. Full-page, browser, and Gravatar caching are all included.

Asset Optimization

You can easily adjust the load position of your CSS, JavaScript (defer CSS and Javascript), Google Fonts, and other files using Hummingbird to improve the speed of your page.

Hummingbird’s minification tool allows you to quickly reorganize, compress, and relocate files. However, use caution – minification is a powerful instrument (though if you need it, you can reset any changes you make in one click).

Transfer Data at Top Speed With GZIP

Hummingbird Pro GPL Plugin features GZIP capabilities, allowing you to share your site more efficiently.

Zipped files are easier to send and can save you money on hosting. Don’t worry about setup; simply click a button to send Hummingbird instructions, and she’ll take care of the rest.

Built-in Cloudflare Integration

You can also use Hummingbird to manage your Cloudflare browser cache and Automatic Platform Optimizations (APO) settings! Simply enter your Cloudflare API key and proceed to configure.

Fully Compatible With Smush Image Optimization

Our award-winning sister-plugin Smush image optimization can be used in conjunction with Hummingbird’s WordPress speed optimization features. Smush compresses your photos, resulting in a faster loading time for your site. Hummingbird and Smush work well together and are the ideal pair for speeding up WordPress

What’s New in Hummingbird Pro v3.1.3 (Changelog)
New: Configs
New: Define for controlling Redis exclusion groups
New: Allow adding admin bar shortcuts for purging various caches
Enhance: Move admin bar cache controls settings to the Settings – General page
Enhance: Performance test informative audits UI
Fix: Dashboard and Gzip compression module layout issues on mobile devices
Fix: White pages when page cache is removed without header files
Fix: Asset optimization empty debug link on subsites
Fix: Documentation links
Fix: Skip performance test button styles
Fix: Skipping performance tests on subsites

Free Download Hummingbird Pro v3.1.4 – WordPress Performance Plugin

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