How to Duplicate a Post in WordPress? (With and Without Plugins)

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About Duplication :

There may have been instances, where you wanted to duplicate a wordpress page or post. So that you can make changes without touching the original source. This usually happens when an editor wants a junior author to make changes to his work without affecting his original article. Let us first understand how we can duplicate pages with Gutenberg editor in a step by step process.

If you want to know about what is WordPress and what it is? then simply click here.

1. Duplicating pages with Gutenberg editor :

Duplicating the pages with Gutenberg editor in a step by step manner.

Step 1 :

The whole idea is to copy the content from one page to another, for example, let us open a post for editing from the WordPress posts dashboard.


Step 2:

Gutenberg has made it easy to copy the whole content in a few simple clicks, all you gotta do is click on the breadcrumb icon or the three-dotted icons placed at the top right corner of the page from the listed options.

Step 3:

Now click on the copy all content like this.

The complete content of the posts is now copied and ready to be pasted.

Step 4:

Next click on the add new button under the posts menu to create a new post, add a suitable title for the post, and paste your content in the first block.


The content of your post will now be pasted with the exact formatting of the original post. Let us first understand how you can duplicate a post in your WordPress site.

2. Duplicating a post by the classic editor:

You can then go ahead and edit this copy while keeping your original source untouched.

Step 1:

Similarly, if you are using the classic editor you can copy/paste the content as well in this case, it is better to switch to the text mode and copy the content.

Step 2 :

Next, create a new post, add a suitable title, and paste the content in the text mode of the new post.


Finally switch to the visual mode to see the duplicated content in the new post. You can then go ahead with editing the content, the copy-pasting methods are simple but are inefficient. When you have a lot of pages or posts to duplicate hence you can choose our next method to duplicate the WordPress pages while there are plugins to clone migrate or backup an entire site.

3. Duplicating a page with Plugins  :

There are also plugins to duplicate pages and posts as well the advantages of using a plug-in are that the duplication process will be cleaner and you can take advantage of additional features offered by the plug-in. Let us look at some of the free plugins to do this job.

Yoast Duplicate post :

The first plug-in is the Yoast duplicate post this is one of the most popular plug-ins for duplicating posts.

How it Works  :

The plugin allows you to make copies of your original posts and edit them. The plugin provides several ways to clone or duplicate the pages and posts in the wordpress posts dashboard.

1.  Cloning directly in all posts :

Okay, here you see that there are two options so you can click on the clone option to clone the post right away or click on the new draft option to make a wordpress duplicate page and opens for editing.


2. Cloning in a post :

You can also clone the post in the editing process you can click Copy to a new draft which is placed in the publishing meta box or in the top of the wordpress admin bar as shown.

3. Cloning for bulk posts :

One of the major highlights of the plugin is its ability to clone pages or posts, in bulk to do this you just need to select multiple posts in the WordPress posts dashboard and apply the clone option.

From the bulk action drop-down list in this way, this feature can come in quite handy.

4. Duplicating multiple posts by plugins :

If you want to duplicate multiple pages or posts at once, the other alternative plugin is the duplicate page plugin. This is also a useful plugin that helps you to duplicate posts and pages easily. You can simply click on the duplicate this link to create a wordpress duplicate page.

This setting is also available on the individual edit page or post located in the publish meta box as shown in addition.

The core plugin settings allow you to configure the duplication you can choose the desired editor post status, clone link redirection, and duplicate post suffix. The plugin also comes in a pro version that allows you to duplicate pages and restrict only certain users to access the duplicated copies.

Changing the title of the duplicated page post prefix, post suffix pins several other filters.

hence in this way you can duplicate a page or post in WordPress.

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